The PKT+ Needs Analysis:

Helping students find their spark.

As schools center their focus on learning, parents take on the task of finding the best enrichment for their kids.  But often, these choices are more closely aligned with the parent’s interest–leaving the kid to say, “Awww, Mom!  Not piano lessons!”    We believe all students possess the spark of genius inside of them; it’s just a matter of figuring out what makes them tick.

PKT Triple Venn

The PKT+ Needs Analysis is built on a simple, yet powerful, philosophy that students are happiest at a crossroads between their passions, knowledge, and talents.
Attaining a PKT+ Needs Analysis is a three-step process:

The detailed report you receive with your PKT+ will explain how each area of the PKT+ diagram provides key insight into the best enrichment options for your child.

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