SMU Summer Youth Programs Partner Courses

Looking for some extra NuMinds learning action this summer?

We are proud partners of SMU’s Summer Youth Programs and have some exciting courses running at their Plano campus. See details and links to the SMU registration page below.

Four STEAM Powered Courses to Choose From by NuMinds Enrichment

Mathacadabra (Grades 1-8) | July 23 & 30, 2018

For centuries, scholars have used math to solve puzzles, paradoxes, and problems and developed mathematical mysteries and brain teasers to keep their minds sharp. Ignite the spark of your curiosity as we complete math challenges from throughout history and around the globe – Benjamin Franklin’s magic squares; Pascal’s Triangle; Ramanujan’s algebra puzzles; Lo Shu’s diagram; and much more! You’ll also learn, practice, and perform math-based magic tricks.  Along the way, you will strengthen problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills.

Engineering a City of the Future (Grades 6-8) | June 4, 2018

Cities are amazingly complex, interconnected systems that are constantly evolving with new technology and changing populations. Have you ever wondered what the city you live in will look like deep into the future? Imagine how systems like transportation, sanitation, energy and entertainment will look, sound, and feel. Join us for this thought-provoking exploration into the what-ifs and hows of the future in human civilization.

Mathematical Illusions (Grades 3-8) | June 11, 2018

Both mathematicians and artists are problem-solvers who improvise and view the world in new and innovative ways. In this course, the right brain will meet the left as we create optical illusions, fractals, original tessellations, a Penrose Tile, and parabolic line drawings. Join us as we explore the beautiful fusion of math and art!

STEAM Voyagers (Grades 6-8) | June 4, 2018

Join us for an interdisciplinary journey that explores the past, present, and future from different perspectives.  Complete engineering challenges, scientific experiments and ancient math puzzles to stretch your mind.  Record observations in your journal and share your experiences and discoveries through mind mapping and writing exercises throughout the week.