Doug Thomson, Special Projects Advisor

Doug Thomson has been immersed in the education of children, middle schoolers, undergraduates, teachers and adults for five decades as an administrator, Department Chair, curriculum writer, instructional coach, and most-proudly, as classroom teacher.  During those years, Mr. T. stepped aside to also become a professional artist, commercial real estate broker/analyst, Federal Liquidator, construction manager, owner/operator of several service-based companies, and a father.  He has had a special affinity for baseball since his son, Chandler, began throwing and catching twenty years ago.

This broad yet connected timeline provides a diverse and valuable perspective.  His great passion for unique course design has been fueled by NuMinds Enrichment since the inception of Camp Pursuit.  Retired in May 2018 from public education, he serves as Special Projects Advisor to the NuMinds founders.