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NuMinds Builds 21st-Century Thinkers


NuMinds Builds 21st Century Thinkers In the industry write-up below, NuMinds Business Director for Latin America Tarek Hamdan addresses a growing consensus that the rapidly evolving workforce demands not just newer, sharper "hard skills," but a re-emphasis and integration of those underestimated "soft skills." In a world buzzing with concepts like "AI" and "machine learning" we can forget that our greatest asset is often what makes us most human: our emotional intelligence (EQ), empathy, and ability to adapt and innovate beyond known rules and structures. This is no secret to those on the front edge of education research, or to [...]

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Elementary Robotics Course at Camp Pursuit (2017)


B3 Bots Beginning Elementary Robotics (offered in North Dallas)       “A robot (also called a droid) is a machine —especially one programmable by a computer— capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. Robots can be guided by an external control device or the control may be embedded within. Robots may be constructed to take on human form but most robots are machines designed to perform a task with no regard to how they look.” - Wikipedia     Is there anything cooler than seeing your own kid build a robot? How about being able to see [...]

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THE NUMINDS GLOSSARY Here at NuMinds, we put our own spin on things, but we don't want to leave anyone in the dark with our unique terminology. Here's a breakdown of a few important terms. BRAIN AGE: Let's face it, for many gifted kids the mind seems to have gotten a slight head start on the body. Timmy might be walking around in the body of a third grader, but his obsession with the injustices of 19th century economic models indicates a slightly more mature "brain age." We make brain age recommendations on our Learning Shoots so that you can make [...]


10 Books for Bibliotherapy (list to accompany vodcast)


This list of books accompanies our Bibliotherapy Vodcast.  Watch the vodcast and download the handout for great parent-to-kid discussion questions! All links are to our Amazon Affiliate page.  If you're going to make a purchase, we ask that you use these links.  A percentage of the profit is returned to NuMinds, which helps us buy more books.  See, it's a win-win for everyone!

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