Built on a Vision

Brilliant young minds don’t always get all the intellectual nutrition they need from their daily diet of school and extra-curriculars. Our co-founders were driven by the vision that NuMinds could provide a layer of enrichment beyond the school day, where real, inspired learning creates the conditions for lifelong curiosity and self-development:

  • Real – our programs extend beyond basic academic needs into the realm of enrichment, where a learner’s authentic engagement with ideas, processes and products is paramount.

  • Inspired –our programs derive from our own sense of inspiration and are focused on developing a learner’s own passions and interests.

  • Learning –our programs provide new knowledge, insight and wisdom that is valuable to the learner’s and the world’s development and advancement.


Ben Koch, M.Ed.
Ben Koch, M.Ed.Co-Founder & CEO
Ben is driven to unite people to a greater vision and cause in education and self-development. Through coaching, teaching, and delivering progressive workshops and talks he seeks to expand horizons …
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Justin Vawter, M.Ed.
Justin Vawter, M.Ed.Co-Founder & CCO
Justin lives on the fringe of education, a creative spark working tirelessly to redefine the educational narrative and make the learning experience more impactful and meaningful.
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Kaylee Strycker
Kaylee StryckerDirector & Inspirator
Kaylee has a passion for learning that is infectious in the classroom and out. She is a veteran NuMinds Inspirator and develops our Technology and Robotics programs!
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Adam Nees
Adam NeesDirector & Inspirator
Adam is both site director and teacher (inspirator) for many NuMinds events. Adam has done an amazing job spearheading our tabletop RPG programs!
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Shaena Whitney
Shaena WhitneyLogistics Support Manager
Shaena turns into the Flash during summer months when we have tons of events happening at once!
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Janet Schaefer
Janet SchaeferDirector of Operations
Janet works with our clients and internal team to help identify, schedule, and deliver high-quality NuMinds programs.
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Catalina Pinon
Catalina PinonInspirator
Catalina has been a teacher for many years. She considers herself a natural life learner, and she is always looking for new challenges and opportunities…
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