North Texas Home School STEAM Enrichment

Located at the Boys and Girls Club of Frisco

Wednesdays 12:00 – 1:00 PM

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The Home School Spring 2019 curriculum, based on parent request, is a comprehensive semester that helps kids develop creative video and website design/production techniques. It culminates in a Website Design class that incorporates their videos and other design elements.

*YouTube Video Production – Introduction:* This team-oriented, interactive, fun, and technically-savvy class on creating YouTube videos will ignite your interest and imagination while teaching you practical production skills! Learn how to upload and edit videos and incorporate audio and music, using production methodology and best practices to achieve a more professional product. This course will help empower you to share your ideas effectively with a broad audience, as well as showcase and discuss your personal interests in original ways. The final product of this course is your own video that can be uploaded to YouTube.

*Stop-Motion Animation:* From Gumby to The Box Trolls, stop motion is the illusion of making everyday objects come to life. The fascinating history of stop motion is full of tools early animators used to create this illusion of movement. A 19th century toy called the thaumatrope, for example, seems crude to us, but it inspired Thomas Edison to keep inventing ways to set pictures in motion. This simple tool led to the kinetoscope, which led to the next device, and so on…right up to technology on your phone and tablet! In this course, we’ll study and create with various tools, from the “ancient” to the high-tech, learning the science behind “persistence of vision” and how it allows the illusion of motion that makes “motion pictures” possible. The final product of this class is a stop-motion animation that you can add to a YouTube video.

*TED Club: The Power of Public Speaking:* In recent years, the “TED Talk” format has exploded across the globe as a medium for people to share their expertise, promote their passions, and to propose radical new ideas and solutions to the world’s problems. Do YOU have an idea or concept you’d like to share with the world? TED Ed Club is your chance to work under the guidance of a teacher and with a cohort of fellow revolutionaries to develop, polish and present your own TED Talk! You’ll learn the art and science of presentation, public speaking and persuasion. Your grand finale will be a video of your talk. Recorded talks can be featured on your YouTube video, and even on NuMinds’ YouTube channel and/or website (with parent/student permission)! This course is NOT officially sponsored or endorsed by the TED organization.

*YouTube Video Production – Next Level:* This highly creative class elevates your YouTube videos to a whole new level! Make your videos more polished and professional by incorporating mind-blowing stop-motion animation and producing smooth voice-overs and speaker video segments. Learn cool tricks to grab a viewer’s attention, such as creating unique intros and end cards, and adding in other details that the pros use. This course is more technically challenging than our Introduction-level course, and more experienced video producers can step right in and start creating! The final product of this course is a like-worthy final video that can be uploaded to YouTube.

*Website Design:* This innovative course harnesses your boundless creativity to design eye-catching, interesting, unique, and polished web pages! You will explore how to convey moods and feelings with websites that definitely have a unified theme. You’ll learn how to balance your growing technical skill set in web design with an aesthetic sense of artistic and creative layout, use of color and font, and imagery. If you have already created videos, you can upload your masterpieces on your own site!